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Lord I Come (2018)

Lord I Come is the first CD compilation of all three worship leaders of Carriage House Ministries. With over an hour of almost completely spontaneous worship, there are 3 sections of this album. With full bands, Ariel leads the first 20 minutes, Matt leads the middle 20 minutes, and Kent finishes out the album with the final 30 minutes.


Fly (2018)

Fly a live worship album by Kent Henry that runs for over an hour with spontaneous and prophetic worship. It really is outstanding in heart and sound. It’s Kent's first live album in 7 Years. Kent discusses the album here


Among the Branches (2016)

Among the Branches is Ariel's second full-length album. It features 12 of her original songs written out of her personal devotional time, as well as, her intercession sets in the prayer room. Sweet soaking songs, such as My Melody, steward your devotional time, while full band songs such as, Behold The Lion, lead you straight to the throne room.

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